Wind and Weather 

Make sure you are prepared for any paddling trip, Here are the links that will give you some guidance on the crucial natural elements that will your affect your intended paddle.

Jersey Met officeJersey Met office

Local weather for local people.

Magic Seaweed Surf ReportMagic Seaweed Surf Report, Jersey

Swell, wave height, period and wind predictions for the next seven days.

UK Met Office, BracknellUK Met office, Bracknell, 5 day Prognoses

Strictly for the geeks. A set of UKMO charts covering the next 5 days. Lots of highs, lows, isobars, warm, cold and occluded fronts.


The documents below are related to membership forms and codes of practice that the Club have established.

Please see the list below:

pdf format fileMembership Form for the Jersey Canoe Club
pdf format fileKeep Safe Kayaking Code
 pdf format fileCode of Conduct for Wildlife Encounters
 pdf format file Child Protection Policy
 pdf format file Sunday paddling sheet
pdf format fileRisk Assessment Form
pdf format fileCovid 19 Operational Procedures
pdf format fileWet Exit Training Policy