Symposium 2019

The Jersey Canoe Club has organized a sea kayak symposium almost every other year since 1992 . They are timed to coincide with the Bank Holiday at the end of May. The last one was in 2016. There should have been a Symposium in 2018 but the organizers of the Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium asked if they could use that slot.  Of course, we agreed, therefore the next planned Symposium for Jersey, is May 2019.Jersey Canoe Club logo

The format of the event will be the same as in previous years with 3 days of work shops, practical sessions and some guided paddles in local waters.  This will be followed by 4 days of paddling in Jersey and the opportunity to visit the offshore reefs if the weather is appropriate.  Jersey has a significant rise and fall of tide so there are normally daily opportunities for paddlers to practice their moving water skills on a daily basis.   There is also a full evening programme with lectures, the Symposium meal with live music, a quiz night and a BBQ.

Starting with the 2014 event the emphasis was on making the symposium a whole week package. A special deal was struck with a local hotel allowing paddlers the luxury of fully catered accommodation for the whole period.

These gatherings of paddlers from across Europe are eagerly anticipated and enjoyed by all that attend. It is an opportunity to meet with fellow paddlers, swap stories and learn something new about your pastime. The paddling coaches that provide sessions at these Symposiums are some of the most experienced and respected that you are likely to meet.

Jersey Symposium

The hotel, where the Symposium is based, looks out over the iconic Corbiere Lighthouse, which marks the south west point of Jersey